Black Friday 2022 Jordan

With the upcoming Black Friday in Jordan for 2022, The topic of this article will be about Black Friday, and which is sometimes called in the Arab world White Friday, and we will also talk in this article about what is Black Friday, Black Friday offers the date of Black Friday and more information that will definitely benefit you.

What is Black Friday

Black Friday Black Friday is the day immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States and is usually at the end of November (11th) each year. On this day, most stores and malls offer huge offers, discounts, and discounts on all products.

Every year, Leaders Center prepares the strongest offers and discounts on all products in all Leaders Center branches and on the website .

When is the date of Black Friday 2022 in Jordan

The season of Black Friday offers and discounts 2022 begins in Jordan, starting from the month of November, and the date of Black Friday on the 25th of November.

Black Friday Offers

Leaders Center is one of the most famous stores in the world of electronics in Jordan, which offers huge offers and discounts on Black Friday, It includes many international brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Apple, Panasonic, Sony, LG.

The offers also include all the necessary home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines, TVs, Gas ovens, dishwashers, dryers, Refrigerators and many more.

It also includes the strongest offers on electronics and mobiles such as iPhones of all kinds, iphone12 iPhone 13, iPhone 14, Samsung phones, Apple watches, Huawei watches, samsung watches, And the strongest offers on laptops from all international brands such as Dell, Dynabook, HP and others.

And do not forget the best offers on electric kitchen appliances such as air fryers, food proccessors, Microwave and all necessary kitchen necessities.

Our offers are available in all Leaders Center branches, as follows:

Leaders Center branches

King Abdullah II Street - Building No. 147

University Street - opposite the University of Jordan Hospital

Al-Hurriya Street - opposite the Islamic Arab Bank

Abu Nseir - Main Street

Markah - Pepsi Predge

You can also find offers on the largest comprehensive electronics site in Jordan, Which includes all offers and discounts for Black Friday and with a special program for collecting points to be exchanged later for valuable gifts, With exclusive and special offers only for the website, in addition to the fast delivery service and the ability to cash on delivery in cash or via Visa in a safe and easy way.

At the end of the article, we invite you to wait for the strongest offers and discounts offered by Leaders Center, which will start from the first of November, and there will be many surprises and valuable gifts waiting for you.

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