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In this article, we will talk about launching the first unique bank card in Jordan and the Middle East for Leaders Center stores. It provides customers with many new options and modern capabilities to pay by credit card and benefit from special discounts and many rewards.

This new card will make shopping at Leaders Center an enjoyable experience and bring many benefits to the customer. And it will give them the ability to get special offers and special discounts when shopping in the store, in addition to gaining loyalty points that can be redeemed later from the Leaders Center. This new launch is a great opportunity for customers to benefit from modern services that provide them with the tools to manage money and shop more efficiently.

And in our constant endeavor to gain satisfaction and provide everything new to the Leaders Center customer, we have launched the premium credit card, in cooperation with Cairo Amman Bank, as this card allows you many new and wonderful features to have an unparalleled shopping opportunity, so let us get to know some of the advantages of this card and many other details.

We will start by getting to know the advantages of this card:

Benefits and rewards

  • Local and international acceptance of the card.
  • A revolving credit ceiling that gives you flexibility when shopping.
  • Get the best offers and discounts when shopping with the card.
  • Free subscription to the Cash Back program
  • Free membership to the Loyalty points program
  • Free delivery for every purchase from the Leaders Center app or website over 100 JD
  • Benefit from the remote payment service by downloading the CAB Pay application
  • Easy Installment Program for up to 12 months at 0% interest
  • Grace period up to 49 days
  • Remote secure payment technology is available on the card. Which enables customers to complete their purchases without the need to insert the card into the payment machine.
  • The ability to activate/deactivate the internet card through the banking application.
  • The possibility of purchasing through the Internet up to 1500 JD per month.

the details

First: Cashback program

Cashback percentageThe minimum transaction value for the cashback percentage to be calculatedThe maximum value of the transaction for the cashback percentage to be calculatedThe maximum cashback limit for a single transactionThe maximum cashback limit per card per monthsector / trader
2%301503150 JD All sectors
3%1513009150 JDLeaders Center only
4%30150020150 JDLeaders Center only
5%50150125150 JDLeaders Center only

Secondly: Loyalty points program

  • Get 1000 points for free with a value of 10 JD from Leaders Center when you issue the card
  • Free delivery when you purchase a value of 100 dinars or more through the website or the Leaders Center application “unlimited number of times”
  • Double your points through the card so that you will get two points for every JD spent at Leaders Center showrooms or through the website or application

Terms and Conditions

  • The card is a shopping card and does not enable you to withdraw cash
  • Loyalty points are valid for two years from the date they are earned.
  • Loyalty points are used for purchases only and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • The validity of the card is 3 years from the date of issuance
  • Points can only be used as a discount on the advertised price

Card issuance fees

  • 25 JD for the first card
  • 15 JD for issuing an additional card

Third: a general discount program

You can get many discounts with this card

To see details of other discounts, you can visit the following link:

Click here to see the discounts you get

Click here to see the instant discounts you will also get

Fourthly : Easy Installment Program

The ability to install purchases through the card for a period of up to 12 months, at 0% interest.

How do I get the card?

Order your card directly through: Visit any of Cairo Amman Bank branches

phone number: 065007700


Terms and conditions apply.

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