Loyalty Gate

How easy it is, one click earns more & more

The (Loyalty Gate) Program is the only loyalty program that offers the widest and most exciting rewards package Choose to exchange your points for rewards and discounts options

You can earn points when you shop from Leader.jo for the first time, where you can collect points and get many rewards

So, hurry up and enjoy an exclusive world of surprises free delivery, gifts & free points

And now, once you create an account you will get 100 points free form us & 100 points free too when you give us like & Follow on our social media (Facebook,Instagram,Twitter)

.Earn 100 points once you complete your first orders & free delivery

Many surprises.

The first step:

sign up at Leaders.jo website







The second step:

Go to Loyalty Gate








The third step:

You will find the dashboard number of your loyalty points







The fourth step:

Make a new purchase order on the site








Fifth step:

Confirm order








Sixth step:

After receiving the purchase order, back to Loyalty Gate








Seventh step:

When you enter your scoreboard again, you will find that the number of points has changed








Eighth step:

Go to Rewards Overview, you will notice the special codes that can be used and they will be linked to your number of points. Choose, for example, a coupon for 20 dinars








The ninth step:

You will get a special code worth 20 dinars and can be used at any time








Tenth step:

Make a new purchase order








Eleventh step:

When you go to the cart view, you will find on the right a special coupon for the value of the discount







Twelfth step:

When you click on the coupon, you will get a direct discount with the value of the coupon, which is 20 dinars on the current order

  1. The customer can earn 100 points by completing the purchase process through our website for the first time with free delivery.
  2. The customer can redeem his first 500 points for a gift of 5 dinars from our website, with free delivery for the next order.
  3. The customer can redeem 1000 points for a gift from our website worth 10 dinars and free delivery 3 times
  4. The customer may use the discount code only once.
  5. The bonus points option starts when the customer reaches 2000 points, where 20% is added to his current points
  6. The gift option will start when the customer reaches 500 points or above with the same value of points .
  7. The free delivery option will start when the customer reaches 300 points or more.
  8. The number of times of free delivery service increases with the increase of customer points.
  9. A customer becomes VIP when he reaches 3000 points or more.
  10. Customer can redeem his points with in 12 months from the date of acquiring the points .
  11. The customer can redeem his previous points as a discount on the current invoice .
  12. If there is a discount on any product, the points will be equal to the price after discount
  13. Member’s points balance will revert to zero after 12 months if points are not redeemed.
  14. Members will be contacted prior to points expiry and will be contacted during special events (Birthdays, Anniversaries etc…)
  15. If the customer cancels or returned his order, The order points will be deducted from his account.
  16. Customers will get extra points on their birthdays.
  17. Members points will expire after 1 year (12 Months) if no purchases are made at Leaders.jo within the year.
  18. When the customer reaches 5,000 points, he will get one year of free delivery.
  19. Members cannot exchange points for monetary value.
  20. Customer points cannot be transferred to another person in the loyalty program.
  21. Members points can be redeemed for a gift from our website, free delivery, or a discount voucher for the next bill.
  22. Members must comply with all the rules mentioned above.