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HP Wired Optical Gaming Mouse – Black


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HP Wired Optical Gaming Mouse – Black Model No. M100


The mouse contributes greatly to overall control and accuracy in games. and, most importantly , You need to find a mouse that perfectly fits your playing style.

wired mouse

It is a wired game that plays with the mouse, And it has an advantage while playing. In the case of a wireless mouse, Converting electrical signals to wireless signals and back again causes significant delays. In the world of fast games for PC, Only a few milliseconds can mean the difference between victory and crushing defeat. Also , The slightest bit of input lag tends to reduce overall control and accuracy, So if your game needs speed and nerve, It is essential that you choose a wired gaming mouse!


HP M100 is an optical gaming mouse designed for superior comfort and navigation. Mouse allowed HP M100 With resolutions between 1000 and 1600 dpi, optical tracking where DPI gears can be shuffled randomly via the DPI button. Dots per inch (DPI) measures the accuracy and tracking ability of a sensor, Which indicates the number of pixels the mouse cursor moves on the screen for each inch you move the mouse. Mouse sensitivity is directly related to accuracy and means the HP M100 is very sensitive and gives you more responsive cursor control while gaming. The HP M100 has 4 buttons for easy navigation and a backlit color display. The DPI button can adjust the movement and speed of the mouse. The advanced optical engine adds accurate targeting and consistent response to your games. HP M100 is an excellent gaming mouse for beginners. Infrared optical tracking gives you the advantages of precise positioning and smooth movement.

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