Michelin High Pressure Washer 140 Bar 1900W

michelin pressure washer

Michelin Washer Pump 140 Bar 1900 Watt

Key Features

  • Model Number: MPX 19 EH
  • Power: 1900W
  • Electrical voltage 230 Hz / 50 volts
  • the flow: 460 liters/hour
  • Max temperature 50º
  • pressure 140 bar
  • Suitable for cleaning garden furniture, tools, paths, barbecues, fireplaces, fences, bicycles, motorcycles and cars.
  • It is a pressurized aluminum pump pressure washer, Three coaxial pistons controlled by an oscillating plate with solid steel pistons and an automatic low pressure indicator safety valve.
  • Includes a clear quick plug with filter inside.
  • Full stop system for added safety.