Fine Care Incontinence Adult Diaper 14 Pieces – Large

Fine Care Incontinence Adult Diaper 14 Pieces - Large

Key Features

  • The Underwear from Fine Care is available with the exclusive patented DermaPro 7 technology, Double absorption and high comfort during the day and night, It has a design that fits the shape of the body.
  • Fine Care Underwear has an elasticated waist that provides comfort and ease of movement. The outer layer also consists of a breathable semi-fabric material that allows air to pass through, which helps protect the skin and keep it in good health.
  • The inner layer consists of a highly absorbent medium to ensure maximum protection and prevent leakage. It also contains odor-trapping ingredients. Which gives comfort and confidence to use the product for long periods.
  • Fine Care Underwear is suitable for men and women as it gives you the feeling of regular underwear and gives more freedom.
  • Fine Care Underwear is the only product that helps fight signs of skin irritation.