Facial Tissues – Wellness Scents – Spiritual – Oud Scent – 120 Tissue * 3


  • 120 napkins
  • Number of packets: 3
  • Family Health Institute‚ Sterile Brand of the Decade 2020
  • Loaded with a special touch of real cotton
  • Disinfectant to protect against germs
  • Great for home, office and hotel use
  • Suitable for all skin types

Facial tissues with spiritual silver oud extract mixed with oud essential oil, It is an ancient scent derived from the heart of the Aquilaria tree. Agarwood has been used for centuries to calm the body and help remove negative energies. Highly absorbent and made with a special touch of real cotton, Wellness Scented Facial Tissues have been developed with a patented Steripro sterilization process to ensure that only the most hygienic tissue comes in contact with your skin every time.