Apple Watch Ultra 2

Watch Ultra 2 GPS and network from Apple

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Key Features

  • Brand Name : Apple
  • Type: Apple Watch Ultra 2
  • Size: 49 mm (1.92 in)
  • Display resolution: 502 × 410p
  • Storage Capacity: 64GB
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 4, GPS, NFC
  • Processor: Dual Core (Apple S9)
  • Operating System: Watch OS 10
  • Water resistance: 100 metres
  • Diving resistance: 40 m
  • Dust resistance coefficient: IP6X
  • Side control button
  • Dual speakers
  • 3 microphones with noise attenuation
  • Battery Capacity: 542 mA (up to 36 hours of operation, and 72 hours in power saving mode)
  • Charging port: USB C Magnetic (Fast Charging)
  • Loop (Medium/Large): 130- 180 mm
  • Loop (Small/Medium): 145 – 220 mm
  • Dimensions: 49 × 44 × 14.4 mm
  • Weight: 61.4

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Power and High Efficiency Performance

Apple unveiled the second generation of its Ultra watch, The Apple Watch Ultra 2 tops the list of the most powerful smartwatches in performance!!

Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a distinctive, attractive and powerful design, Through it, Apple expresses the strength of the new version of the Ultra Watch 2, It reveals the secrets of the amazing updates in this superior smartwatch.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Titanium Case Lightweight, With a size of 49 mm larger and brighter.


Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with a side button for quick and direct control, With dual speaker next to it.

On the other hand, There is a digital button (digital crown) and a side button that, when pressed consistently, enables the user to call the emergency in case of something wrong, Next to it are 3 microphones.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 battery works with workout mode up to 17 hours continuously with power saving mode on, If it is only run without exercise, That is, in normal use, the battery works for up to 72 hours, But don’t worry, You are not obligated to turn on power saving mode, The Apple Watch Ultra 2 can work up to 36 hours continuously in normal use.

Apple Watch Ultra Dual Core Support, Fast and capable performance, With its support for many advanced and new features, Like double-tap with your thumb and index finger.

The double-tap feature on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 enables you to:

  • Answer calls.
  • Interact with and respond to messages.
  • Activate the timer and other watch features.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with a low-carbon design, It reflects Apple’s goals towards a clean and carbon-free environment.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 includes many exercise programs and vital readings such as, heart rate, oxygen and non-heartbeat, If you are participating in a running race, for example, The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will allow you to follow the route and compare it with the past competitions that you have done.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is amazing and you definitely deserve it, Order it now from the online store Leaders Center, Or via the Leaders Center smart mobile app.


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