Your comprehensive guide to buying the best heaters

It is time to prepare to face the winter season with the highest possible readiness. And in the following: Tips from Leaders Center and your comprehensive guide to buying the best heater to face the harsh winter cold. read more.

Your comprehensive guide to facing winter and buying the best space heaters from Leaders Center

When does winter start?

Winter officially begins on December 22. It lasts up to three months of extreme cold, That is, until approximately March 20 of each year, However, gusts of cold can be felt since the beginning of November.

Winter Mirba`aniya (Winter solstice)

The severity of the winter season increases during the so-called Mirba`aniya or the winter solstice. It is a period of 40 days between December 22, And January 31, Here, it is necessary to provide yourself with a guide to buying the best heaters, and how to choose the best types of heaters ,to overcome the harsh cold of the Mirba`aniya, and enjoy unparalleled warmth.

The Mirba`aniya is heated with Leaders Center heaters

Main types of heaters

There are three main types of heaters:

  • Electric heater
  • Gas heater
  • Kerosene heaters

Your comprehensive guide to buying the best heaters

Many people are confused about choosing the best type of heater suitable for their home. It provides them with the necessary warmth during the winter, Therefore, there are several tips that you must know first before choosing a heater: Which:

  • The area of ​​the room in which the heater will be placed.
  • The easiest and most economical power source for the user.
  • Having children and pets at home.
  • Check the home’s ventilation system.
  • A heater that is easy to move or fixed, such as a fire place.
ليدرز سنتر للالكترونيات والكهربائيات

After taking into account all the previous points, And think about it carefully, The user can decide to purchase an space heaters, a gas heater, or a kerosene heater. Below is your guide to buying the best economic heaters for your home.

The best types of heaters from Leaders Center

The Leaders Center website – a useful guide – includes a variety of distinctive types of heaters, With prices that suit all categories, Which:

Electric heater

Electric heater, such as Conti space electric heater, have many features, Such as its movement up to 60 degrees, Control by touch or by remote control, Which gives it flexibility and smooth operation, And greater comfort for the user.

The best types of electric heaters from Leaders Center

Electric heaters in general; It comes with a safety system that automatically shuts it down if it falls, for example. They also differ in terms of strength, The user can choose a heater with a power of 2500 watts , or a heater with a power of 2000, and this is reflected in the price, which makes it reasonable and appropriate.

You can browse the best types of electric heaters at Leaders Center by clicking here .

Heater Buying Guide

The most famous gas heater in Jordan are the Romo heater. Almost every Jordanian home has a three-burner Romo heater.

Romo gas heater from Leaders Center

The Romo gas stove helps heat water, prepare tea, and even cook food using a metal stand on top of its burning burners. Which makes it a gas heater and a gas cooker at the same time.

The Leaders Center online store and its five showrooms spread inside and around Amman include a variety of Romo gas heaters, You can browse the best gas heater and order them online now, Or visit one of the Leaders Center showrooms:

  • Main branch Medical City Street.
  • University of Jordan Street branch.
  • Marka Branch.
  • Al-Muqablain branch, Al-Horreya Street.

Kerosene heater

Kerosene heater are among the warmest types of heaters ever. They have various capacities, Some of them include an kerosene heater with a capacity of 7 liters , 5.5 liters, or 6 liters. These capacities mean longer operating capacity and greater warmth.

The best types of kerosene heaters from Leaders Center

The kerosene heater is characterized by its surface that resembles a gas oven. All foods and dishes can be cooked on it easily. Preparing cake molds, This makes the house warm and full of love and delicious smells of food.

You can browse a variety of the best kerosene heaters on the Leaders Center website and order them immediately.

Other types of heaters

There are other types of heaters provided by the Leaders Center website; Such as the distinctive radiator heater and the Fireplace heater.

Radiator heater

What is a radiator heater and the best types of radiator heater from Leaders Center?

Radiator heater are also called oil heaters, which warm their users through thermal radiation resulting from heating the oil inside them. There is a variety of the best radiator heaters on the Leaders Center website, which can be ordered now. By clicking here.

Fire Place

The modern Fireplace works on gas, or on electricity, Some of them work on firewood, as is the case in the original. In all cases; The Fireplace needs a designated, well-ventilated place in which to build it.

The best types of fire place for interior home decor from Leaders Center

The fireplace needs a suitable space to display it as a type of distinctive interior decoration. In addition to the warmth of fireplace ; They add a feeling of romance and love inside the home.

You can certainly check out a wide range of Fireplaces on the Leaders Center website and order them now.

Be prepared for winter with your guide to buying the best heater. Through online shopping with the most important exclusive offers and real discounts at Leaders Center showrooms and its online store.

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