Black Friday Leaders Offers

The season of the biggest discounts, The event that everyone awaits year after year, Black Friday, Or Big Friday, Or even White Friday, All of them are names for the most important real discounts and competitive prices, Which will all be at the Black Friday deal at Leaders Center, Read on.

Black Friday Offers by Leaders Center

Black Friday in Jordan

Black Friday discounts in Jordan, specifically at Leaders Center, are a diverse and amazing world of endless discounts andexclusive offers, as Leaders Center seeks to offer the best price and products to its customers and Loyal clients throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Black Friday When?

When is Black Friday the most frequently asked question by social media users, The answer is; the date of Black Friday Jordan is November 24 of each year. This year 2023 falls on Friday of next November, Due to the competitive discounts announced by stores and markets on this date, the vast majority postpone their most important needs and purchases until the day of the Black Friday offers, to enjoy special discounts.

Black Friday Leaders Offers

Many people wait for Black Friday in Amman to buy their most important purchasing supplies, especially those that are expensive and cost a fortune, as on Big Friday, many find that the most important home appliances, electronic devices and even electrical appliances have received a discount of up to 50% of their real price, so everyone’s attention is currently turning to the Leaders Center website waiting for the announcement of Black Friday discounts for this year.

Is it a white Friday or a black Friday?

The origin of the name is Black Friday, a day famous for the amazing discounts and sales that come after Thanksgiving in the United States of America, As revelers prepare for the Christmas gift season, And from there the month of November became famous in Black Friday in the whole world, All shops are now offering competitive offers during this Black Friday.

White Friday

In the Arab world, people have called Black Friday “White Friday”, Black Friday is a description launched in the early sixties on the chaos that pervades the markets during the season of offers, discounts and sales. But in the Arab world, this day was called White Friday because of the savings and economic discounts that consumers face.

When did Black Friday start for the Arabs?

Black Friday Day began specifically in 2014 on the Amazon website for the Arab world, Then the Arab markets and important websites began, Such as the Leaders Center website by announcing Black Friday offers and exclusive and competitive discounts, This year marks the twenty-fourth day of November, It is the last Friday in November.

Black Friday offers 2023

Be on time, On Friday 24/11/2023, Leaders Center store will announce Black Friday Jordan offers, and the most important exclusive and competitive discounts on Black Friday 2023, at:

  • Leaders Center website.
  • Leaders Center app for Android, iOS, and Huawei devices.
  • Main branch Medical City Street.
  • University of Jordan Street branch.
  • Marka Branch.
  • Al-Muqablain branch, Al-Horreya Street.
Branches of Leaders Center in Amman Jordan

Black Friday Sale 2023

Black Friday witnesses discounts and discounts on the most famous international brands at Ledzer Center in all its branches, Discounts will include:

  • Electronic devices “Electronics”
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Kitchen appliances and various cooking utensils
  • The most famous international brands
  • Home Appliance
  • Beauty, hair and skin care devices
  • Garden Supplies
  • Heating and cooling devices such as heaters and air conditioners